Milwaukee Fight for Air Climb 2012

On March 17th, I will be participating in Milwaukee's 2012 Fight for Air Climb. The next day I will be unable to move on my sofa, crippled from just running up 47 floors of stairs, which is equal to 94 flights or 1,034 steps. Or this entire building...

But I don't get to wait until then to start suffering.  Between now and then, I will be getting my body in shape by getting in as many squats and lunges as possible and running myself ragged up as many stairwells as I can find. All in the name of charity!!!

Hopefully I've made you feel guilty/inspired enough, because I need to raise at least $100 as part of my entry. To support me and the American Lung Association's fight against lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, and air pollution, you may donate here at the following link:


Thank you and wish me luck!

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