My favorite things: Rustic Crust Pizza Sauce Packets

This product gets my recommendation because not only is it healthy, but it's also super convenient. I always have a problem using a full can of pizza sauce, so I love how these sauce packets each fit one pizza. Even though they cost more than the average can of pizza sauce, I personally always end up wasting part of a jar, so I reduce waste overall by buying these packets. I buy these at Willy St Co-op, but according to their website, you can also find them at HyVee and Woodman's.
The nutrition of this sauce is also very impressive: it contains very natural ingredients: water, tomatoes, olive oil, evaporated cane juice, salt, vinegar, and various spices-- and no corn syrup! Each packet is 80 calories and contains 2.5 g healthy fat, and only 5g sugar and 460g sodium.
Compare it with this similar product:
Old World Pizza Sauce Packs-  80 cals, 2.5 healthy fat, 5g sugar, 460g sodium, no corn syrup
Boboli Sauce Packs- 100 cals, 0g healthy fat, 16g sugar, 720g sodium, high fructose corn syrup

More info at www.rusticcrust.com

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